“Fur” for FERVOR of the Revolutionary persuasion in SOLIDARITY with OW$.

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Chocolate, DG’s furry muse & room-mate, keeps a close “I” on the “haps.”

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A plea for compassion & companionship from Joe of Shasta County, California.

Lady in DISTRESS~!


This beautiful Tiger-Lady is one day away from entering “The System”. A foster home is needed for her immediately. Please help if you can.


 Joe McGarity sent us this message a few minutes ago:

“Any of your Friends o’ Fur need a new friend? She could sure use one.”

Saving cats is SERIOUS (non-profit) business ~!


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Lesson UP ~!

Rhonda Bryels-Nechanicky posted this panda today on Facebook and we appreciate it.

How can ya NOT l❤ve this?

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In celebration of “Psychedelic” Gecko & hundreds of new species discovered

FUR highlights a North Coast California family that has “Wildness to Spare” and shares with their blog > ART, SCIENCE AND ANTS 

㋡ Enthusiasm abounds amongst the WILDness ㋛

208 New Species Discovered In Threatened Region Of Southeast Asia

Huffington Post >WILD KINGDOM

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Marine Biologist Carrie Hudson does more than “tom peep” on whales.

Last week in Apollo Beach, Florida she presented a poster summarizing the gray whale work that Humboldt State University has done for the past 14 years.  Carrie has been involved for 10 years.

Sharp of eye and tender of heart = Carrie

Here's a manatee that Carrie captured with her camera in Apollo Beach, Fla.

To see more of Carrie.. click here<

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Does your heart need some warming?

"If you have tears, prepare to shed them now."


WATCH: Dog Rescues Kittens Left For Dead On Roadside

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Kathy Srabian (constant companion of Zero, the dog-like creature) posted on Facebook today a non-political piece worth noting.


Kathy & Zero (aka Snack Boy)

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