Sad fate for flawed friend, poor doomed Fred

Runaway Baboon Captured In New Jersey

July 2011, a distant relative's holiday is ended before he can join his ilk on Jersey Shores.

(June 1, 2011) Baboon’s body ‘riddled with pellets’  

When it tastes so GOOD, how can it be SO wrong... a capitol offense even?

More on this here

Human food is making Peninsula baboons fat

Human food + Baboons = NOT good combo.

Fred, a Cape Town baboon who gained infamy for opening closed car doors and robbing tourists of their bags and food, is to be captured and euthanized. Photo: AP

Being too smart can be a real hazard when you start emulating humans.  Here’s the whole sad story> click here.  Stories like this make me feel that I’ve lived too long.  or this>   ∅/,⊗: Neighbors Shoot At Each Other Over Defecating Dog

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