Joe McGarity and Detroit (+ Lionel Lyons)

As Lionel becomes more proficient at walking the high wire, he hopes to qualify for flying trapeze training. (Geisha note> stripey guy is Detroit, not Lionel. Turns out they both have their talents.)

Lionel is not just a pretty face. He's a mouser. It's good to have skills. (... not so good to seek diet supplement via hardware.)

Lionel Lyons is picking up momentum in becoming a star.
Lionel’s Modeling Shoot to Placate Play-cat… so WHERE are the votes for “Goo-goo Eyes?”

Who would you say is winning this “Best Bedroom Eyes” contest?

Detroit takes every opportunity to prepare himself for the big CONTEST.  see how

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One Response to Joe McGarity and Detroit (+ Lionel Lyons)

  1. Joe McGarity says:

    That’s Detroit, of course in the top photo and speaking of the trapeze, the whole reason he had an opportunity to leap on the rolling closet was because I was trying to keep him from attempting to reach the ceiling fan. I was walking around with him on my shoulder, as is our custom and I noticed he was eyeballing the fan blades. He had that “I’m gonna jump” look in his eye. The fan wasn’t turning at the time, but I’m not sure what he was planning to do if he made it. I moved quickly away from the fan and he noticed the rolling closet as a target of opportunity.

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